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My Earliest Memory of Saving and Delaying Gratification

Haha! Do any of you guys remember this console? This was like the Sony Playstation of the early 90’s! Anyway, I’m writing about this super snazzy and super awesome game console because this is related to my earliest memory of delaying gratification. Delayed gratification ...Read More

10 Inspiring Quotes I Got While Drinking Tea

I love drinking tea. It has this soothing and relaxing effect in me. Recently, I got a box of tea with teabags having these inspiring quotes so I decided to share it with the world. (Help me share these by clicking the like, tweet ...Read More

[Updated] Official Philippine Holidays for 2013

Get ready for 2013! I bet you’re wondering what dates in 2013 are going to be holidays. So get ready to plan your vacations and trips because the Official Gazette¬†has released the Official Philippine Holidays for 2013! Under Proclamation no. 459, the following regular ...Read More

Annular Solar Eclipse on May 21, 2012

Annular Solar Eclipse or “Ring of Fire” over China in 2010 On Monday, May 21st, the Moon will pass in front of the sun, transforming sunbeams across the Pacific side of Earth into fat crescents and thin rings of light. It’s an annular solar ...Read More