What my clients say about me:

Florence P. Manila

“If you haven’t met with a Professional Financial Adviser, I definitely recommend Argel!”

Anne Gerly I. Makati

“Argel has helped me understand the ‘WHY’s of having a financial plan and the WAY to do it right. He has been a great mentor. I highly recommend his service!”

Roj I. Cavite

“Argel did not just help me to start investing while still young but he also helped me to establish my own life goals!”

Rosy A. Alabang

“Argel creates a relaxed atmosphere and makes it easier to talk about finances when you meet him.”

Kaye C. Singapore

“Because of Argel, I discovered how to properly manage my money. He has a strategic financial plan that is helping me to be financially healthy. He is very helpful and approachable. I will definitely recommend Argel.”