This Video Depicting How Much Time We Have (In Jellybeans) is Very Humbling, Especially When You Reach the 2-minute Mark

How much time we have

Watching this made me realize how short life REALLY is.

Maybe I should watch this video everyday before I start the day, what do you think?

Before I spoil anything, click the play button below:

The video starts with one jellybean and ends with one jellybean.

How did you feel while watching the video? Did you appreciate how much time we have left?

Here are some of the comparisons that really resonated with me:

We will be at work, hopefully doing something satisfying for the equivalent of 3,202 of those days.

That’s a very significant chunk of my life, I dare say. For those of you who are struggling to go to work each day, for those who join the Thank God It’s Friday club, take a moment and reflect on that too.

1,099 days will be spent commuting or traveling from one place to another.

Here’s one that I’ve really worked on. I realized this after a year of going to and from work.

I wanted to make the idle time during my commutes to be productive.

What I did (and still continue to do) was to bring either a physical book or load an ebook to my phone or mp3 player.

This way I can turn my travel time to a University on Wheels.

Benchmark Email

I suggest you think of some ways to make your commute productive too. Especially if you are commuting in Metro Manila!

On average, we will watch television in one form or another for a total of 2,676 days.

I am also guilty of having to spend lots of time in front of the television before.

Now I have changed my ways (But this is still a continuing battle). I resist watching TV at home by doing other things like doing some real estate related activities, blogging, doing online lessons and reading books.

Again, I am urging you to consider substituting meaningful and productive activities instead of wasting hours and hours of our short and precious life watching TV.

If you don’t know already, mainstream media will make you a negative and pessimistic person. Trust me.

With that, I will leave you with this question…

How do you REALLY want to spend the rest of your life?

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To our success in all areas of life,
Argel Tiburcio
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