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AIA Breast Cancer Protect Lite FAQs

What is AIA Breast Cancer Protect Lite? AIA Breast Cancer Protect Lite product is a one-year term insurance plan that provides protection for females from Breast Cancer. The plan provides fixed coverage upon diagnosis of breast cancer of the Insured. How old should I ...Read More

Shopback 101: Your Ultimate Cashback Shopping Handbook

Shopback, the cashback and rewards platform In today’s digital age, savvy shoppers are always on the lookout for ways to make their hard-earned money go further. That’s where Shopback, the cashback and rewards platform, steps in. If you haven’t heard of it yet, you’re in ...Read More

5 Practical Tips to Pay Off Your Holiday Debts

December is for holidays and January is for settling dues. With our credit card balances waiting in the wings, we need to think of ways we can pay them all off without putting a strain on our other expenses. Luckily, I have very useful ...Read More

5 Tips for a Guilt-Free Holiday Season

Feeling guilty about indulging in holiday treats? Follow these simple tips to enjoy the season without overloading on food and drink. From finding non-food ways to celebrate to watching your alcohol intake and getting physical activity, you can have a guilt-free holiday season while ...Read More

Mental Health Myths Busted by AIA Vitality

The stigma attached to mental issues is gradually dissipating thanks to the spread of mental awareness campaigns worldwide. But even with the rising awareness, our society continues to be plagued by all-too-common misconceptions. Read on to bust the myths and stick with the facts ...Read More

New AIA Vitality Benefit – Ideal Vision Center

A Better Vision Coming Your Way with Ideal Vision Center We’re ex-eye-ted to announce our newest AIA Vitality optical partner, Ideal Vision Center! With eye strain a prevailing concern, this could not have come at a better time! Starting September 5, 2022, AIA Vitality members ...Read More

My AIA – Your Total Health Solution!

My AIA is here! My AIA is an online platform that lets you access all of AIA’s products and services with just a few taps. This lets you be more hands-on with your health and finances without hassle or inconvenience.  Tap your way to ...Read More