My Top 10 Realizations After Firing My Boss

The struggle is real

A few of you may know that I’ve let go of my corporate, steady income, high-paying software development job.

I said thank you and goodbye to my comfort zone. After all, everything I want in life is just outside my comfort zone, right?

In hopes of a more fulfilling and meaningful career to pursue, I decided to become a self-employed financial planner / financial adviser and real estate broker.

It’s a calculated risk, don’t get me wrong. My analytic side thought about quitting for a thousand times. I’ve processed a lot of “What Ifs”. Assessed myself if I can really make a living out of my new career.

A year into the magical world of self-employment and entrepreneurship, it wasn’t bad after all. Although, I don’t recommend it to everyone.

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Here are some bullet points about my realizations after firing my boss (so far):

  • Again, being self-employed/entrepreneur is not for everyone. Especially if you have been so comfortable with having a steady month-to-month paycheck. There’s nothing wrong with employment, mind you.
  • Your budgeting skills will be put to the test. Employed or Self-employed entrepreneur, everyone should always have a budget (and stick to it!)
  • It is not all fun and games. The path I chose is full of rejections. Your adversity quotient will be extremely useful. Just when you thought everything is going well, sh*t will happen.
  • Pick the right friends (and team). Simply be around the people who will pull you up rather than bring you down. Choose the ones who you can open up to. Choose the ones who can be gut-level honest with you and give you the constructive feedback that you deserve. Those friends will make you grow.
  • Stick to your discipline. Coming from employment, I was trained to go to work Mondays to Fridays (even go overtime) whether I feel like going or not. This is crucial. If you don’t establish a routine, it’s so easy to just relax at home, do nothing and tell yourself “I deserve this.”
  • Stay grounded. It’s always good to take a pause once in a while. Relax. Be grateful. Pray. Play. When things seem to be going too fast,  take a deep breath, hold it for a while and let go. Live in the moment. Be in the now.
  • Stay connected. Still go out with friends. Attend parties. Attend weddings. Ask people out for lunch. Organize videoke sessions. Send text messages or better yet, make phone calls.
  • Keep yourself hydrated. This goes out to everyone, employed or not. Keep a bottle of water handy. You’ll never know when you’ll get stuck in traffic. Plus, being hydrated keeps you thinking clearly.
  • Be of service. If you feel like not going out of the house, serve. If you are frustrated, serve. If you feel like giving up, serve. If no one is answering your call, serve. Just put yourself out there and be of service!
  • Just keep going! Watch the video below:

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If you’re seriously thinking about firing your boss, let’s talk!

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