Mental Health Myths Busted by AIA Vitality

The stigma attached to mental issues is gradually dissipating thanks to the spread of mental awareness campaigns worldwide.

But even with the rising awareness, our society continues to be plagued by all-too-common misconceptions.

Read on to bust the myths and stick with the facts about mental health.

Myth 1: Only for the weak

Contrary to common belief, mental illness is not a sign of weakness.

People coping with mental issues are actually more resilient than what they get credit for.

Imagine the daily struggles of a teenager with social phobia who has to go to school.

Or a mother with obsessive-compulsive disorder who starts cleaning every nook and cranny of the house at 3 am.

Are these people weak? Certainly not! 

Myth 2: Not fit for a job

People suffering from mental issues can get a job depending on their abilities and motivation.

With the right support system and treatment, they can function properly with just about anyone else.

Think of astronaut Buzz Aldrin and Nobel Prize mathematician John Nash–both did not let their mental issues get in the way to achieve their life goals.

Myth 3: Switch on, switch off

Mental illness is not a choice and can be due to many factors such as genetics, injury, trauma, abuse, and more.

To say that people with mental health problems can easily snap out of it if they try hard enough is sadly inaccurate and not helpful.

This discourages them from seeking help and getting the proper treatment they deserve.

Myth 4: If it ain't broke, don't fix it

Some believe that only those with mental disorders need to take care of their mental health. Not true!

A healthy mind is more than the absence of a mental illness–it’s essential in optimizing one’s overall well-being and quality of life.

Take time to care for your mind: create meaningful connections, focus on positivity, and eat & sleep well.

With AIA Vitality, caring for your mental health is made easier with these benefits:

  • Find out what triggers your stress levels by taking the “How Stressed are you? test in the app. Earn 500 points while at it.
  • Book a teleconsult with a physician through our health partner eZHealth. You even get a FREE teleconsult yearly! Simply log in at using your AIA Vitality username and password.

What’s more, enjoy partner discounts, weekly rewards, insurance benefits of up to 20% premium discount, 50% additional coverage boost, 100% loyalty boost or double vitality booster—simply for living healthy!

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