National Unplug Day 2022 | Reconnect With Your Goals

Unplug for a Moment to Reconnect with Your Goals

And just like that, the first quarter of this year is almost over.

The beginning of 2022 has been rough, from the Omicron surge to Typhoon Odette and the Russian-Ukrainian war…we’ve all had plenty of reasons to be discouraged, or distracted from our goals, or both.

When life becomes overwhelming, often, the best thing to do is press pause, unplug, and take the time to breathe and refocus.  

In celebration of National Unplug Day, here are quick tips on how to assess the different arenas of your life!  

Your Self-image

Ask yourself… 

How do I feel about myself? Am I confident about where I am in life? Am I at peace with my imperfections? Am I able to share in the joys of others without comparing myself? 


Every day, make a “ta-da!” list instead of a “to-do” list. Celebrate your own accomplishments daily!

Your Health

Ask yourself… 

Am I fit and full of energy? Is exercise a regular part of my life? Am I healthy enough to pursue my passions? 


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Your Family

Ask yourself… 

Am I present and intentional about creating meaningful connections with my loved ones? Do I make time for them? 


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Your Friends

Ask yourself… 

Do I have friends who understand me? Am I free to be myself around them? Am I able to show my friends how much I appreciate them?  


Ask them out to lunch, or coffee if you want to keep it short and sweet. Even a short walk in the park can be a good bonding moment!

Your Work

Ask yourself… 

Do I jump out of bed all pumped up for today’s work? Am I inspired and motivated to do the work that I do? Am I disciplined and committed to maximizing my potential?  


If you don’t already have a vision board, make one! And make a habit out of looking at it before you start your day and before you sleep at night. What we see influences what we think about, and what we think about is where our energy flows.

Your Environment

Ask yourself…

Do I live in a toxic-free environment? Am I able to rest, and re-energize?  Am I calm and peaceful? Does my presence bring joy to others? 


Maybe all you need is time outside of your current environment to truly rest. Whether it is a quick massage or a full day to unwind, the trick is to relish your “me time.” Book a staycation and enjoy up to 35% off at Seda Hotels. Remember, even just sleeping for 7 hours a day earns you AIA Vitality Points!

You’ll be surprised that a day’s worth of digital-detoxing can do wonders to your body and mind!

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