The Perks Of Being An Insurance Entrepreneur


We want to help you change your life, so you are empowered to change the lives of others through a career that is rewarding in every sense of the word.

Let’s write better stories for every Filipino and help them live healthier, longer, and better. 


As an insurance entrepreneur, you’ll have the opportunity to change your story and the stories of others for the better.

This also comes with perks like travel and financial incentives and premium rewards so you can live the good life you’ve always wanted.


We know the value of your time. With the flexibility we offer, you can work at your own pace without compromising time with your family.

We’re committed to helping you grow both personally and professionally and live a healthier, longer, better life.

What do I do as an Insurance Entrepreneur?

An insurance entrepreneur is empowered. Innovative. Motivated and World-Class.

He/she can change his story and the story of others through training and a successful business model that provides full complimentary support.


Why Choose AIA Philippines As Your Business Partner?

At AIA Philippines, we know that life never stops changing, and that people need a partner who understands and supports them through life’s challenges and opportunities.

This is why we are committed to genuinely engaging with our customers through meaningful conversations.

By talking to them, we know that we can better provide them with the right solutions and the right plans that turn struggles into successes, fears into peace of mind and dreams into reality.

We at AIA Philippines are proud to be part of AIA, the largest independent publicly listed pan-Asian life insurance group. Together, we endeavor to help each and every customer live healthier, longer, and better lives.

OUR VISION: To be the Philippines’ pre-eminent life insurance provider.

OUR MISSION: We race against risk to protect every Filipino family and empower them to live healthier, longer, better lives.

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What Kind Of Training Support Do I Get?

At AIA Philippines, our purpose is to change the stories of Filipino families for the better.

We know that this is no small feat, and that’s why we are fully committed to providing you with the best in professional and personal development with our internationally licensed training programs.

We want to empower, enrich, and motivate them to live healthier, longer, and better. 

What Business Tools Do I Have Access To?

As your business partner, we are committed to making your entrepreneurial journey easier with AIA Philippines’ state-of-the-art technology that will enable you to work in your own place at your own pace.

You can get access to free, easy-to-use business-building tools to make financial planning easier for your and your clients.

How Much Can I Earn In This Career?

As an Insurance Entrepreneur, changing people’s lives for the better is a noble challenge that we graciously accept.

Our franchise model is here to help you achieve your goals and change your story, and change your life.

Here’s what you can earn in your first three years in the business:

Annual income progression for your first three years as an AIA Philippines Insurance Entrepreneur

There are also travel incentives, bonuses, exciting campaigns, medical insurance, and even a chance to own a piece of AIA Philippines as a shareholder!

PLUS! Qualify for the Next Gen Advisor Program to jumpstart your career:

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Who Are The People In My Team?

We are a team of highly productive AIA Philippines Financial Advisors committed to helping Filipinos achieve their financial goals for the glory of God!

Frequently Asked Questions


You can run your insurance business on a full-time or part-time basis. Whichever route you take, choose the path that works for you and your loved ones.

Insurance Entrepreneurs are commission-based financial advisors who are compensated by commissions. Enjoy performance-based rewards, free travels, bonuses and recognition.

We have business support funds for qualified applicants, read more here.


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