101 Awesome Facts About Billionaires All Around The World [Infographic]

Do you want to be a billionaire so FREAKIN’ bad?

Well, here’s a great start for you!

The folks from Addicted2Success recently posted the cool infographic below that exposes some pretty inspiring facts about the world’s billionaires.

Top 10 Billionaires

Personally, I happen to know something about 4 out of the top ten billionaires.

Of course, I know Bill Gates of Microsoft and Larry Ellison of Oracle since I’m an IT person.

Then there’s Warren Buffett, who is one of my inspirations with regards to investing in the stock market.

And lastly, I recently read about Li Ka Shing and his viral article on how we should divide our money into parts every time we receive some form of income. (If you haven’t read that, just click this link)

Top 10 Industries

It’s great to know that investments rank first in the industries where billions are made.


Because in as little as P5,000, we can start being stock market investors!

I believe those “investments” have some form of stock ownership. So, now I’m feeling more of a billionaire because I own shares of great companies here in the Philippines 😉

Ranking on a close second place is fashion and retail. Now that’s something to ponder on!

Okay, I’ll stop babbling here. Haha! Enjoy the awesome billionaires infographic below:

Benchmark Email

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Benchmark Email

Superb and awesome infographic isn’t it?

Let’s discuss more about your thoughts and insights about the awesome billionaires infographic by commenting below!

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