What is a Toastmaster?

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When I first heard of the term “Toastmaster” from one seminar that I have attended, I immediately became curious.

I thought that it was a group of people who propose toasts like in a wedding or other gatherings.

I also thought, for a moment, that they were professionals bread toasters who have honed their craft and have mastered the art of toasting bread (maybe I was just hungry at that point of the seminar haha).

So to satisfy my curiosity and to answer the burning question “What is a Toastmaster?”, I immediately googled it right after I came home then I eventually stumbled upon the Toastmasters International website.

I was greeted by their tagline “Become the Speaker & Leader You Want to Be” and I found out that…

Toastmasters International is a non-profit educational organization that teaches public speaking and leadership skills through a worldwide network of meeting locations.

Then, I remembered that one of the common thing about most of the speakers I’ve met was that they were all Toastmasters. Realizing that, I rushed to look for a way on how to be a Toastmaster. After a few clicks, I landed on their Find a Club page. I narrowed the search down by selecting the location nearest to my place of work then I immediately took action by sending an email to the club.

After a few days and a few emails, I attended my first Toastmasters Club meeting at the Meralco TSB Club. I got to observe how the meeting went and it really exceeded my expectations. The meeting was organized, there were a lot of good speakers to learn from, and most of all, the atmosphere was friendly and accommodating.

Also in that meeting, I met a guest Toastmaster who is a member of the Meralco & Friends Toastmasters Club which holds their meetings nearer to my office. He invited me to attend their club meetings during Wednesdays at the 9th Floor Conference Room of the Lopez Bldg, Meralco Compound, Pasig City.

A month or so later and after bringing along a colleague, I officially became a Toastmaster.

So what is a Toastmaster?

I’d like you to find out for yourself by attending a club meeting near you! Becoming a Toastmaster is more than just public speaking & leadership and each Toastmasters Club has a unique personality. Rest assured that you will be welcome to attend the meetings and you will not regret becoming a part of this awesome club! See you!

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