[Infographic] The Shocking Truth About E-Mail

One very important lesson that I’ve learned after reading The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss is to change the frequency of checking my E-Mails. He mentioned limiting the checking of E-Mails to at most twice a day. He also insisted on checking E-Mails at specific times each day.

At first I was very reluctant in doing it but when I finally decided and took action, it was very liberating.

Before, I was checking my email around 3 to 5 times every hour.

Now, I just check it during lunch time (12nn) and at around 4pm.

It really freed a lot of time and made me do things that I really needed to do.

Which brings me to this infographic from Mashable containing the Shocking Truth About E-Mail:

how to master email

For the source of this infographic, click here.

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