5 Simple Steps to Make Your Finances Pandemic-Proof

Pandemic or No Pandemic, these Five Simple Steps will make sure that your personal finances will become pandemic-proof.

Let’s go straight into them!

Spend Less Than You Earn

The discipline of not having to blow all your earnings every month comes a long way.

I am very blessed to have developed and practiced the discipline of saving early on in my life.

My secret was to have a specific goal in mind every time I set aside a portion of my money for the future.

If you’re reading this and you’re still on your way to mastering this basic personal finance behavior, then I hope that the year 2020 taught you the value of having this discipline.

You might argue that what you make from your job or your employment is just enough for your living expenses.

That would bring us to step # 2…

Create Additional Income Sources

When there’s no wriggle room to cut down on your expenses, then it’s time to add more income!

What skills or hobbies can you make money out of?

Do you want to explore a serious side hustle that can eventually be your main source of income? (Hey, I can help you on this, message me here or here to know more)

Do you have friends who are selling something that you can promote and get a “finder’s fee?”

If there’s anything that 2020 has taught us, it’s that your job might not be as “secure” as you thought it was.

Being a salesperson might have a bad reputation but guess who thrived during the pandemic? Those who had something of value to offer to the world.

Speaking of value, let’s move on to the next step…

Invest In Yourself

They can take your job away and heck, even all your money.

Guess what they can’t take away from you?

Your knowledge, skills, and abilities.

How have you been investing in yourself?

What books or seminars/webinars have you enrolled in?

Have you been feeding your mind with things that can help you become a better person?

More than all the learning, we should also be applying and executing whatever we have learned!

For me, this year might be one of the toughest years in the financial markets but this was also the best year to sharpen my skills and to actually execute what I have learned.

Plus, it also helped me a lot to have a community of like-minded investors who have valuable insights and experience! Let me know if you want to join our Monday night zoom investment club sessions!

But remember, all of these are irrelevant if we don’t give time for the next step…

Take Care of Your Health

How does taking care of our health relate to having pandemic-proof finances?

Well, all the previous steps would be useless if we are not in tip-top shape!

Needless to say, those who are in good health are those who are less likely to be affected AND be killed by COVID-19 (or any virus for that matter)

Personally, being stuck at home has made exercising a challenge for me because I used to clock in at least 12,500 steps almost daily when I am outside.

Of course, I had to pivot to home exercises that can be done anytime and with little to no equipment needed. No excuses!

And finally, we can only optimally achieve the last step if we are in great health condition!

Get Life and Health Insurance

As I am writing this on December 2020, it is my hope that more people are inclined towards having adequate life and health insurance.

Sadly, most Filipinos need to go through some sort of tragedy before even accepting the fact that INSURANCE IS A NECESSITY.

Furthermore, insurance can only be bought while you don’t need it. Why? Because once you need it, you can no longer own it.

That’s the reason why we need to be in good health in order to be approved in getting insurance.

Protect your income, your assets, and your family from life’s unexpected risks.

Contact me now if you want to explore your life and health insurance options.

If you have reached this point...

You might want to join me and my team of Professional Financial Advisers in helping Filipino families have financial peace of mind!

We want to spread financial literacy and we want to help you become an Insurance Entrepreneur!

Let’s contribute to the financial well being of not just the current generation but also the generation after them!

Help us stop the cycle of financial dependency and financial regret by being on our side of the fence.

We would be happy to help you start ASAP! Send me a message now.

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When he is not busy watching "The Office", lounging at the beach, or playing 1st person shooting games, Argel consistently invests in the stock market, both local and global. He loves learning through books, training, seminars, and workshops. He also helps Pinoys create, manage, grow, and protect their wealth as a globally-certified Professional Financial Advisor. Get in touch with him by sending an email to contact[at]argeltiburcio.com

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