Fasting Benefits: the Physical, the Mental, and the Spiritual

Whether you are religious or not, nearing the end of a season of fasting comes with a sense of fulfillment.

For the devout, those “no meat” Fridays are challenging, especially when you’ve had your fingers over the “check out” buttons for burgers on food apps.

However, as a practice that has been around for centuries, fasting has proven to have numerous spiritual, physical, and mental benefits that may encourage you to consider maintaining it even after the Lenten season!

Physical Benefits

It seems counterintuitive that depriving yourself of food and drink may actually be physically beneficial to your body, but it’s true!

Ever wonder why you feel sluggish after a meal? It’s because your body is working hard to digest the carbs and sugars you’ve consumed. But fasting helps the body convert energy from fats instead, increasing your natural energy levels.

Fasting has been proven to manage risk factors related to heart conditions, asthma, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Fasting also reverses insulin resistance, thus maintaining control of the blood sugars is invaluable to managing diabetes.

Mental Benefits

Studies have shown that fasting enhances overall brain health by increasing focus, improving memory, and processing information.

How? Through inducing a process called neuronal autophagy, which is how brain cells recycle waste material and repair themselves.

Fasting also increases the levels of a protein that interacts with neurons in the parts of the brain that regulate learning and higher cognitive function. It has also been found to augment mood and sleep quality and reduce stress and negative emotions.

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Spiritual Benefits

A number of religions practice their own form of fasting as a way to “cleanse the soul”–you may have even tried it already in the past Lenten season as a symbolic sacrifice.

Fasting is also said to allow you to gain more confidence in the area of self-mastery– a key to unlocking many spiritual disciplines!

Done the right way, may even help you better control other aspects of your life, such as overcoming addictions.

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