#TiburcioTipidTips : Entrepreneurial Ideas for Kids (DZMM Live Interview Inside)

Entrepreneurial Ideas for Kids (During their Vacation or Long Break)

It’s a great idea to introduce entrepreneurship to your kids.

Hopefully, they develop a knack for being business-oriented, and we want them to also learn valuable lessons about handling, managing, and knowing the value of money, improve their skills with people when they sell their goods or services, and ultimately have fun and enjoy the process.

If you know they’re headed for a long vacation or a long break from school, try out these entrepreneurial ideas to help them get started:

  1. Products

    1. Ice / Ice Candy
      • With little capital involved, your kids can help you make these and make it a fun and worthwhile experience for them. Let them choose which flavors they want to make and help them market it throughout the neighborhood.
    2. Fruits
      • You can sell the fruits from the trees on your very own backyard!
    3. Fruit juices and shakes
      • Turn your fruits into a refreshing drink or shake!
    4. Garage sale
      • Guide your kids to the process of letting go of old clothes and toys. Let them man their own space during the garage sale so they have accountability and a sense of ownership.
    5. Artworks they create
      • Kids who love to draw, paint, or just create works of art can turn their passion into profit. This will really boost their confidence and self-esteem!
  2. Services

    1. Bike rental
      • Got your kid a bike? Maybe his friends can have a go at it. Safety first, no renting without safety gears!
    2. Computer game rental
      • Kids can help you decide which games they can rent out to their friends.
    3. Car wash
      • You can start by letting your kids wash your cars. Introduce them to the concept of getting paid for washing other cars too!
    4. Cleaning
      • Maybe the front yard or the backyard needs some basic sweeping and cleaning?
    5. Gardening
      • Simple tasks like weeding or watering the plants can get the kids busy.
    6. Pet walking
      • No time to walk your pets? Kids love them! Pet walking services can be done by your kids with the neighbors!
    7. Tutorials
      • Basic guitar or keyboard tutorials can be offered by your kids too! If they have been practicing or really enjoying playing, might as well teach their friends too!
    8. Typing or Printing
      • Kids nowadays are very comfortable with technology, have them help out on typing and printing services.
    9. Mobile Phone setup
      • With all the technology exposed to kids, it’s not long before they learn how to setup and install apps and games to mobile phones.
    10. Graphic design
      • Simple T-shirt designs or banner/tarpaulin designs for company events, company outings can be offered by your creative kids.

What other entrepreneurial ideas can you think of? Comment below!

By the way, I was interviewed live at DZMM Teleradyo regarding this same topic. Have you seen it? Here are the Youtube Videos in case you missed them:

Interview Part 1:

Interview Part 2:

To our success in all areas of life,

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