Back-to-School #TiburcioTipidTips for Parents and Students (Live TV Interview Inside)

It really felt like going back to school when I was getting ready for a Live Interview at 6:30am.

The awesome folks at Eagle Broadcasting Corporation invited me to talk about Personal Finance tips and Savings tips for Parents who have children going to school and also tips for students who want to be smarter with money.

Watch the video below:

To summarize, here are the #TiburcioTipidTips that we’ve talked about during the interview at Pambansang Almusal:

  • Reuse notebooks that still have some blank pages left. Sew those together with colorful yarn/thread for a personalized touch.
  • Be resourceful and creative with school projects by utilizing unused or discarded items at home.
  • Uniforms need not be new each year. With proper care, it can still be used in future school years. Hand me downs are okay!
  • Bring packed snacks or lunch. This way, parents know what they’re children are eating.
  • Involve your children in planning for what meals they want throughout the school week.
  • For students who stay at dormitories or apartments:
    • If coming from home, prepare a meal or two to bring to your dorm or apartment.
    • Pool money with your housemates and go to the grocery and cook as a group to get the most value with your food.
    • To further increase your personal finance skill, list down all your expenses every day.
    • For those who get a monetary allowance, start building the habit of saving by setting aside at least 10% of their allowance.
    • Try doing side jobs or student assistant work to get additional savings and also help out with our parents.

That’s all that I was able to discuss in ten minutes of live interview!

How about you? What back-to-school personal finance and savings tips can you add?

Leave a comment below to join the discussion!

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