The 3 Financial Life Stages – Where Are You Now?

Does Your Wealth Portfolio Match Your Financial Life Stage?

It’s no secret that our investment and insurance portfolio needs to grow as we do.

Every time our life changes — a new home, a family, aging, career changes — they all impact what our financial portfolio should look like.

But as we get busy with our changing lives, we often lose track of updating and reorganizing our portfolios.

Based on your current financial life stage, here are the smart financial moves and milestones to check with your Professional Financial Advisor (like me!)

Financial Life Stage: Starting Your Career

A Safety Fund

Set a goal, such as six months to one year worth of living expenses, and start saving a portion of your salary every month.

Keep this as a fund you don’t touch except for legitimate emergencies.

Basic Life and Health Insurance

These are not exciting but they are absolutely necessary.

Nothing can derail your goals or life plans like a big, unexpected accident or hospitalization that you have not prepared for.

At this stage, it’s the best time to start accumulating protection assets because it’s cheaper and approval is easier.

Your First Investments

After starting your safety fund, allocate a portion of your savings to investments.

Ideally, a stable long-term investment that can take advantage of your early start.

Your biggest asset is time, after all.

Financial Life Stage: Starting Your Family

Your First Home

As you start your family, setting roots becomes important.

A big milestone for any family is buying their first property.

Remember to consider something that fits comfortably into your budget — as over-stretching for your home can quickly turn a potential asset into a burden.

Don’t be pressured by what you see on social media or what you see from your peers.

Talk with your Financial Advisor and partner to decide whether buying or renting makes more sense. 

Lifestyle Continuity Fund

As you become more reliant on your income to sustain your everyday quality of life, it becomes more and more important to protect it.

Your lifestyle continuity fund that consists of your adequate life and health insurance can give you peace of mind that if you suffer a loss of income due to injury or health-related issues, you and your family will be protected. 

Children’s Education Fund

As you plan for having kids, start building a fund for their education.

The earlier the better and the lesser you need to set aside regularly.

Consider protecting this fund with term insurance (I can help you) while you accumulate. This will make sure that your kids’ education fund will be safe no matter what happens.

Financial Life Stage: Empty Nesters

A Retirement Plan

One key thing to invest in as you start to look at the twilight of your career is planning for retirement.

If you have been building your portfolio progressively as you age, you should already be in a good position to retire.

However, even if you haven’t you can work with me to create a plan for retirement.

A Diversified Portfolio

As your kids grow up and your nest egg is stable, it is time to diversify your portfolio.

You can look into more diverse investments, access the global market, or look into new markets such as sustainable energy.

Passive Income Streams

One of the greatest assets you can add to your financial portfolio is a form of passive income.

For example, a second home that you rent out, a small business that can generate income or even dividends from investments.

All of these things can ease the financial strain as you prepare for your golden years.

Most important of all, is understanding that it’s never too late to adjust, refine or grow your portfolio. We can work together to create a plan to get you there.

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