#TiburcioTipidTips: 5 Smart Hacks to Spend your Bonus (Live Interview Inside!)

The 5 Smart Hacks to Spend Your Bonus

Christmas Bonus?

13th Month Pay?

Performance Bonus?

Mid-year Bonus?

Whatever bonus it may be, congratulations!

You now have extra income that you can allocate smartly and get your financial life in order.

Check out these smart hacks to spend your bonus:

  1. Pay off your debts

    • It’s a great time to finally clear your debts when we get our bonuses! It’s time to rebuild the trust that our creditors gave to us. If you have high-interest debts, it’s best to clear those out first (credit cards, loan sharks etc.)
  2. Build up your safety fund

    • Again, the safety fund (or emergency fund) is around 3 to 6 months of our monthly expenses. If we don’t have that amount yet, it’s getting our bonuses is a good time to add to it!
  3. Buy Life and Health Insurance

    • When it comes to earning, YOU are your greatest asset. It’s just right to PROTECT that asset with adequate life and health insurance. I can create a personalized plan for you, simply contact me.
  4. Start Investing

    • Start a business, invest in stocks or mutual funds, buy a franchise, go for crowdfunding, whatever fits you and your level of competency, go and do it! Make sure to tie it with your financial goals.
  5. Enjoy!

    • Yes, of course, enjoy it! You deserve some pampering and some time to treat yourself. You earned it! Actually, you can do this every month, just allocate at most 10% of your income to spend without any guilt. That way, you can feel good even though you don’t have any bonuses.

Live interview at DZMM Teleradyo

Here are the recordings of my live interview about bonuses, enjoy and don’t forget to apply!

Part 1

Part 2

LIVE Video

How will you spend your bonus this year?

Leave a comment below and let’s discuss 🙂

To our success in all areas of life,

Argel Tiburcio, CIS
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