[Infographic] 6 Things Your Philippine Stock Market Broker Won’t Tell You

Are you invested in the Philippine Stock Market?

If you answered yes, then you’ve probably felt the huge drop of stock prices which started around the end of May 2013.

I can imagine that a lot of our local investors and traders are in a state of disbelief, especially those who entered the Philippine Stock Market in the early part of 2013 when the overall value was at an all time high.

Good thing there are stock market mentors around.

Questions that You haven’t Asked Your Stock Broker

Have you asked these kinds of questions to your Philippine Stock Market broker?

WHO are the local stock market investors and traders?

WHAT age bracket are those Philippine Stock Market investors and traders in?

WHAT do they do for a living?

In terms of income, HOW much are they earning in one year?

WHERE do they come from?

WHY are we largely affected when foreign investors pull out their investments in the Philippine Stock Market?

Luckily, the good guys at Pinoy Money Talk created an awesome infographic about the profile of the Filipino Stock Market Investor / Trader. Check out the image below (Click to enlarge)

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Can’t read? Click the image to enlarge

If you now have the answers to the questions I asked above, kindly put your answers as comments below.

Looking for a stock market mentor that will guide you on what to buy and what to sell? Click here.

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Featured Image Source: http://www.123rf.com/photo_10037927_businessman-or-stock-broker-with-cellphone.html

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