Make P250 GCash in less than 5 Minutes | AIA Philam Life Promo

This might be the easiest P250 you will ever make!

Simply follow these 6 simple steps to make P250 GCash now!

  1. Go to
  2. Complete all your required details
  3. Input “ARGEL” as the Advisor’s First Name
  4. Input “TIBURCIO” as the Advisor’s Last Name
  5. Input “007462616” as the Advisor Code, then click “NEXT”
  6. Refer three (3) people to get qualified for your P250 GCash!
    • Every three (3) CONFIRMED referrals will entitle you to P250 GCash credits!
    • The referrals will receive an Email and SMS which includes a link to an online form which they need to accomplish to confirm their details and consent.
    • Once a referral confirmed, the referrer (this is you!) will be notified through SMS.

Here’s a video walkthrough for you:


  1. AIA Philam Life Liv and Let Liv: A Summer Referral Promo will be initially and publicly launched on April 5, 2021 until July 5, 2021.
  2. The AIA Philam Life Liv and Let Liv: A Summer Referral Promo will be through an online referral form.
  3. Referrals will receive SMS and Email with a link to an online form to confirm their details and consent. Referrals may also opt out through the online form.
  4. All Referrals who will confirm their contact details and submitted their consent will receive nurturing communications from AIA Philam Life about having a financial health check through the Liv Financial Needs Calculator.
  5. A referral can only be submitted once. The first to submit the referral will get the incentive. All following referrals with the same details will not be counted for the incentive.
  6. By joining AIA Philam Life Liv and Let Liv: A Summer Referral Promo, each participant agrees to the Terms and Conditions set out in the Official Mechanics to be posted on AIA Philam Life’s official Facebook page.
  7. Referrers who are eligible for the incentive will receive an email and SMS on how to redeem their e-gift through the contact details they have indicated in the referral form.
  8. Unclaimed e-gifts will expire within 90 days.
  9. Incentives shall not be transferrable nor convertible to cash
  10. The decision of AIA Philam Life on any issue will be deemed final.
  11. Any and all expenses related to the claiming and use of the incentives shall be for the sole account of the winner. Any taxes relative to the prizes shall be for the account of the company
  12. AIA Philam Life reserves the right to cancel the referral program and/or amend its terms without notice.
  13. AIA Philam Life reserves the right to change the mechanics and the incentives without notice.
  14. All issues pertaining to the referral program shall be resolved by AIA Philam Life.
  15. No purchase of any Philam Group (AIA Philam Life, BPLAC) product solution is required.
  16. AIA Philam Life reserves the right to forfeit the incentive should it be proven that the referrer has provided any false information or committed any fraudulent act.

What are you waiting for?

Hurry and spread the good news to your loved ones and friends!

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