Government Official’s Corruption: My First-hand Experience

corruption is deadly
Yes, it is!

Here in the Philippines, there are a number of taxes that business owners pay.

One of those taxes is the Monthly Percentage Tax which amounts to 3% of your total sales for the month.

The deadline for paying the monthly tax is every 20th of the month.

Being busy the past couple of weeks, I totally forgot about paying my tax due on time.

So, I went to the Bureau of Internal Revenue to settle any late fines that were imposed.

I asked a government official in the collections department about how I can settle my fines.

She told me that it would cost me 200 pesos for late filing.

But, she offered me a very tempting alternative.

I will just pay her 100 pesos so that she can just sign my papers and I would save 100 pesos in the process.


Imagine how many late filers go through her each day.

Determined to keep my integrity and not to patronize her actions, I gave her a confused look and asked her what the correct procedure for filing was.

She reluctantly pointed me to the assessment officer and did not bother pursuing her unethical proposal a while ago.

Honestly, I was surprised with that government official’s corrupt actions.

Their office looked so clean and brand new but some of their employees’ intentions were exactly the opposite-dirty and foul.

I really hope those corrupt government officials realize that it doesn’t contribute to anything good.

How about you? Do you have any experience[s] with corruption?

Let us know by sharing your stories below.

To our success in all areas of life,

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