#ArgelAsks What would you do if you had US$1,000,000 today?

argelasks million dollar question

The Million Dollar Question

I recently posted this question on my Facebook and Instagram profile: “What would you do if you had US$1,000,000 today?

The comments to my question were a mix of funny and serious replies:

Bigyan kita! (I’ll give you some!)

20% retirement. 30% house 10% Charity 20% world tour 20% various luho hahha (“luho” are wants)

This particular comment made me ask a follow-up question as to how the 20% Retirement will be allocated. To which the reply was:

100% equity funds. Probably sa 20% na yun 20% stocks and 80% spread out sa various UITF, Mutual and VUL

Cool, right? A retirement fund is really something important that we should plan on as soon as possible.

Check out this detailed allocation too:

5% immediate cash donation charity and church
15% establish passive income stream – 70% of profit goes to church and ministry 30% to assistance to needy relatives fund
25% equity investment fund
20% real estate investment fund
10% start up fund; enterprise opportunities
8% bank deposit (liquid cash)
5% protection (HMO and insurance)
4% personal education fund
4% travel fund
2% SUV
2% Dream Wedding Fund

Here’s a few more:

Bibili ako ng printing machine ng pera (I will buy a money printing machine)

Haha funny how counterfeiting STILL came into mind when you already have US$1million. Would you have thought of that?

Magtayo ng pabrika ng illegal drugs!! Hahahahahahhahahahahahahaha (I will build my own factory of illegal drugs)

Kids, don’t try this at home :p There are a lot of businesses out there that contributes positively to the nation. Just not this one, this is clearly a joke 🙂

Magtatago from Kim H. (I will hide from Kim H.)

Well, we don’t know who Kim H is but I am assuming he or she is taking money from the person who commented this haha!

My answer to the Million Dollar Question

Here’s a breakdown on how I would allocate the million dollars:

  • $100,000 – Church and Various Charities (50/50)
  • $320,000 – Investments in stocks, VULs, Mutual Funds, Real Estate, Businesses
  • $100,000 – Education fund (For future seminars, workshops etc)
  • $200,000 – Real estate for personal use
  • $165,000 – Personal enjoyment / travels
  • $35,000 – Diesel SUV
  • $80,000 – Cash

How about you? How would you spend/allocate your $1,000,000 dollars?

Let me know by commenting below!

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To our success in all areas of life,

Argel Tiburcio, CIS
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