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How do you define “Financial Freedom?”

How do you define “Financial Freedom?” For me, being financially free is doing whatever I want to do, whenever I want it, without even thinking about money. BUT, what’s more important is WHEN do you want to be financially free? When do you SEE ...Read More

#ArgelAsks: Do you pay your Credit Card bill in full?

‘Tis the season for Credit Card swiping! The “ber” months are here! Christmas songs and jingles are ready to take over the airwaves. Christmas decors and lights are slowly appearing in public spaces. Along with all these preparations, it is the season of lots ...Read More

#ArgelAsks: Is the Filipino still worth dying for?

Whatever your answer to this question is, I’m sure that if I change “the Filipino” with “your family” your answer will be a definitive “YES” Us Pinoys have very close family ties. We value our family as one of our driving factors as to ...Read More

#ArgelAsks : What happens when you die?

#ArgelAsks : Have you ever wondered what would happen when you die? Here’s a bigger question: What would happen to the dreams and aspirations of your loved ones when you die? If your spouse, your children, or your parents depend on your capacity to ...Read More