We are now AIA Philippines (formerly AIA Philam Life)

Hi, friend!

A new chapter in our journey of protecting every Filipino family has begun.

AIA Philam Life is now called AIA Philippines, combining over 70 years of local experience and global strength from one of the largest insurance companies across Asia.

How this change impacts you

You can remain confident of our continued commitment to providing you with your protection benefits when you need them the most.

As AIA Philippines, we will connect you to a world of possibilities, with fresh product and service innovations aimed at serving your every protection need.

David Beckham, our global ambassador, couldn’t agree more as he shares the exciting news of our transition in this video:

Our corporate website and social media accounts

Reach out to us through our new touchpoints listed below.

Corporate website: https://www.aia.com.ph/en/index.html
Facebook: facebook.com/aiaphilippines
Instagram: instagram.com/aiaphilippines
YouTube: youtube.com/aiaphilippines
Twitter: twitter.com/aia_philippines

Our Customer Service e-mail and digital chat assistant

We have also updated our customer service e-mail address.

For any questions about your policies, you may send us an e-mail at customerservice.ph@aia.com.

Don’t worry if you have previously sent us an e-mail at philamlife@aia.com as we will still be able to receive it. All e-mails are automatically redirected to our new e-mail address.

You may also chat with our 24/7 digital chat assistant, Aya, through our Facebook page at facebook.com/ayaofaiaphilippines.

Our official documents

All our forms, including our policy contract, will also be updated to indicate our new legal and trade name as well as our logo.

If you are an existing client, you don’t need to ask for a new contract for your policies. AIA Philippines will honor all active or in-force contracts issued under Philam Life.

Your benefits will remain as they are, governed by the Terms & Conditions you agreed on upon signing.

However, you may notice that some documents, such as our Official Receipt and Application form, still have the AIA Philam Life brand name.

Rest assured, these documents are valid and legitimate and will also be updated in the coming months to display AIA Philippines.

Our biller name for payments

If you pay your premium through your banks’ online payment facility, you don’t need to re-enroll the biller name of AIA Philippines. Our partner banks will automatically update the name of the company in your enrolled billers list.

For payments made through other payment channels, however, please look out for either AIA Philam Life, AIA Philippines, or AIAPH as the biller name.

While we have already started coordinating the name change with our payment partners, the system changes from their end may not necessarily be in effect right away.

Lastly, check payments should be addressed to AIA Philippines or to AIA Philippines Life and General Insurance Company, Inc. Please note that checks using our former name (AIA Philam Life) will be accepted until December 31, 2021 only.

We’re here to answer questions you may have

We understand you may have some questions about this transition and how it affects you and your policies. For your easy reference, we’ve compiled some of your Frequently Asked Questions in the link below.

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