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Growing up, I thought that retirement is the finish line after years of working in the office.
I was under the impression that it would be handed down to me automatically and then I’ll be able to retire happy and live comfortably toward my twilight years.
As I entered the workforce and as my mind was slowly opened to the ugly reality of retiring Filipinos, I realized that it is MY RESPONSIBILITY to prepare for my own retirement.
It’s not the government’s responsibility.
It’s not my company’s responsibility.
It’s not my family’s responsibility.
It’s not my (future) children’s responsibility.
I always tell my clients that we should keep a percentage from our very first paycheck up to the very last paycheck we receive and put it into paying our “future self”
So what questions should we be asking ourselves if we are really serious in planning and preparing for our retirement?
Read on and find out!

Are you retiring by age 40? 50? 60? 65?

Or are you retiring after 20 years of working?

Remember, if planned correctly and executed consistently, you can retire even earlier than you planned for!

I personally know people who, because of years of consistent saving and investing, were able to retire earlier than planned!

Will you “retire” from your work and just work because you WANT to and not because you HAVE to?

Where do you see yourself retiring? Will you be in the city or in your province?

Will you be traveling?

Do you want to be a local volunteer for causes that you support?

It’s crucial to have something to do during retirement because it gives us a sense of purpose and meaning to be doing something day in and day out without even thinking of getting paid for it.

This will also dictate how much of a lifestyle you need to sustain during your retirement. On top of your usual utility bills and food, you should also consider home maintenance and expenses for your passion projects.

Let’s face it, as we age, our risk of getting sick increases.

Do you have the financial shields that would protect your retirement savings from being depleted?

Do you have medical coverage that can cover you after the age of 65?

How much of an emergency health fund do you want to prepare now?

I can help you start banking on your health NOW so that you can get easily approved for your medical insurance coverage.

Click here or here to contact me now.

It’s good to plan for all these things but what’s better is starting to do something about it TODAY.

Do you have the extra cash flow to start building up your retirement fund ASAP?

Do you need help in designing and starting the best retirement plan for you?

What are the available retirement plans for you?

That’s where I come in! I can help you compute for your target retirement fund.

I can also help you start your savings plan today.

Here’s more good news:

You can start it ONLINE through me! 

Leave your details  below and let’s get you started!

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