The Ugly Truth About Pinoy Money Habits [Infographic]

Pinoy Money Habits Exposed

As an advocate of Financial Literacy, it’s a big task for me to spread awareness and education to Pinoys who need it.

This shocking infographic about Pinoy Money Habits further drives the point that the Philippines needs more volunteers in the army of Financial Literacy advocates. (If you want to join me in this noble mission, click here and send me a message)

Personally, I’ve met a lot of people who have big goals and big dreams but they don’t act on it. What’s worse is that they don’t protect their income, and they assume that nothing bad will happen to them or they assume as if they’re immortal. This mistake leads to a lot of potential problems in the finances of the people they leave behind.

Check out some fast facts that stuck with me:

  • Only 20% of Pinoys save money, WOW. This is very alarming!!
  • Out of the 100 Million Pinoys, only 10 Million have bank accounts.  And the majority of them is because they “lack” money, “lack” need and “lack” trust with these institutions.
  • Just a little more than half of Pinoys have money left over after paying for basic needs! Discover more with the infographic below:

What’s notable, however, is that a lot of Pinoys are comfortable with online shopping! This makes me think that online “shopping” of savings and investments products will be the next big thing for the tech-savvy Pinoy.

Do you think that would somehow bridge the gap?

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To our success in all areas of life,

Argel Tiburcio, PFA
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When he is not busy watching "The Office", lounging at the beach, or playing 1st person shooting games, Argel consistently invests in the stock market, both local and global. He loves learning through books, training, seminars, and workshops. He also helps Pinoys create, manage, grow, and protect their wealth as a globally-certified Professional Financial Advisor. Get in touch with him by sending an email to contact[at]

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