The 70-20-10 Money Management Tool

How to SYSTEMATIZE your SPENDING but still SAVE CONSISTENTLY using this Money Management Tool!

Are you STRUGGLING to CONSISTENTLY save money?

Do you want to have a FREE TOOL to create a SIMPLE SYSTEM that builds your HABIT to invest?

Would you like to MAKE SURE that you ACHIEVE your financial goals?

Then watch the video below, NOW!

In this video, you will learn:

👉 How to CREATE a free tool to implement the 70-20-10 technique that I shared here

👉 How to SYSTEMATIZE your SPENDING but still SAVE consistently for your future

👉 Why forming HABITS is the key to reaching your FINANCIAL goals

Do you remember the first paycheck that you received?

I clearly remember treating my family to a delicious Max’s dinner when I got home with my first paycheck.

I also CLEARLY remember why after ONE FULL YEAR of working, I had ZERO SAVINGS.

Yup, zero. Nada. I spent it all!

I was thinking to myself that I earned it, so might as well spend it.

True, however, I had to strike a balance.

I want to enjoy NOW and I want to be responsible enough to invest for my future.

So after a year of zero savings, I had to do something.

So I found out about this simple money management system!

Now I’m sharing this with you so you can have a SYSTEM to build your
HABIT of saving and investing (WITHOUT sacrificing your enjoyment of the

Just to let you know, I still use this system up to this day!

I use it to consistently invest in the Stock Market, to save for my
wedding, to travel, to buy things I want, to attend seminars and
workshops, to buy books and even QUIT MY FULL TIME JOB!


If you want to see the ACTUAL TOOL that I created in the video, click here.

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When he is not busy watching "The Office", lounging at the beach, or playing 1st person shooting games, Argel consistently invests in the stock market, both local and global. He loves learning through books, training, seminars, and workshops. He also helps Pinoys create, manage, grow, and protect their wealth as a globally-certified Professional Financial Advisor. Get in touch with him by sending an email to contact[at]

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