It’s More Fun In The Philippines: Viral Tourism Campaign

more fun in the philippines
Scaling the Banaue Rice Terraces, more fun!
commuting is more fun in the philippines
Traveling by boat, more fun!
more fun in the philippines
Status updates after swimming with a Whale shark, more fun!

It’s More Fun In The Philippines!

The latest Department of Tourism (DOT) campaign truly hit the jackpot of being viral.

Being guilty of spending too much time checking my Facebook wall and checking out trending topics on Twitter,  I am astonished at how fast it became viral.

I logged in on Facebook and I counted about five posts of my friends relating their own “It’s more fun in the Philippines” experiences.

I also checked out some tweets and found a very popular author tweeting with the hashtag #itsmorefuninthephilippines:

@neilhimself (Neil Gaiman) tweeted:

#itsmorefuninthephilippines hashtag is a true one. They applaud loudly and hug you a lot.


I hope this will not end up like their previous slogan “Pilipinas Kay Ganda” which received a lot of criticism and violent reactions due to a similarity with another website’s design.

With that, I encourage you to leverage our fondness for social media websites by sharing the Department of Tourism’s newly launched campaign website:

Tweet about it.

Post it on your Facebook wall.

Include a link in your E-mail signature.

Blog about it.

And yes, it’s more fun in the Philippines!

To our success in all areas of life,

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