The Top 6 Financial Horror Stories That Will Keep You Up at Night

These Financial Horror Stories will keep you up at night!

We all hear about horror stories at this time of the year.




You name it.

But, did you know there are other HORROR stories that happen ALL YEAR ROUND?

These are the FINANCIAL horror stories that we don’t want to hear.

I hope you NEVER experience these stories too.

Let me help you.

I can be your FINANCIAL ghostbuster!

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Financial Horror Story #1

“No Emergency Fund or Safety Fund”

What is a safety fund? Watch this:

When we don’t have a safety fund in place, it will lead to more horror stories of debt and financial hassles.

Getting a lump sum bonus or unexpected cash?

Set aside a portion of that to build up your safety fund.

Target at least 3 to 6 months of your MONTHLY EXPENSES as your first milestone for Safety Fund.

Done with your safety fund?

Let’s talk:

Financial Horror Story #2

“Spends First Before Saving”

Every time an income/profit comes you spend first and then TRY to save if there’s anything left.

Most of the time NOTHING is left.

Why not save first before spending?

That way, you will surely save money whether your income is high or low.

Need help?

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Financial Horror Story #3

“Easily Falling for Scams”

500 mo gagawin kong 10,000!

It’s all over social media and people still fall for these kinds of trickery.

It taps on the person’s GREED that’s why it’s very effective.

With little or no effort, you can become rich!

That’s what they say.

Most of the time, it’s a stinkin’ SCAM!

We can’t blame the scammers entirely, though.



That’s WHY!

What can we do?

Build resilience.

Invest in yourself.

Read books.

Attend seminars.


Become a Professional Financial Adviser, message me and I’ll guide you:

Financial Horror Story #4

“Buried in Credit Card Debts”

Stop treating Credit Cards as a source of seemingly “Free” cash!

Stop paying the minimum.

Break the habit!

Or else, it will be an endless pit of debt, heartbreak, and financial horrors.

You know what?

Credit card companies don’t earn from those who pay the WHOLE BILL amount monthly!

It’s those who pay for the MINIMUM that pays for all the perks of the cardholders!

True horror story.

Cut the rest of your cards.

Stick with one.

Pay them off one by one and rise above the pit of debt.

Save yourself from all the stress.

Treat credit as a tool of convenience!

Want to know more? Message me:

Financial Horror Story #5

“Not Investing Enough for Retirement”

Or investing too late.

Or not even investing!

Retirement is a PERSONAL responsibility.

It’s not your company’s responsibility.

It’s not the government’s responsibility.

It’s NEVER your children’s responsibility.

Imagine being independent financially when you are on your twilight years.

If you live too long, your income should outlive you.

Expenses will NEVER stop but your INCOME will.

Make sure you PREPARE for your retirement EARLY.

Talk to me and I will help you set it up:

Financial Horror Story #6

“Not Having Enough Life Insurance and Health Insurance”

Do you really know how much Life and Health Insurance you need?

It really depends on multiple factors.

The number of dependents.

Age of dependents.


Final expenses.

Family’s medical history.

Personal medical history.


However, it still boils down to your decision.

Your decision to prioritize PEACE OF MIND.

Your decision to PROTECT your dependents.

Your decision to SECURE your assets.

Your decision to CONTINUE your family’s lifestyle even if you are gone.

Your decision to GRANT your family’s dreams.

Maybe you’re saying that you already have ENOUGH life and health insurance.

Have you checked how much you REALLY need?

Have you checked how much your FAMILY really needs?

To be sure, consult with a Financial Doctor:

What other Financial Horror Stories do you know? Comment them below!

To our success in all areas of life,

Argel Tiburcio, CIS
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