They Say LOVE is Free… But Valentine’s Day Costs Plenty! [Infographic]

The Economics of Valentine’s Day

Last 2015, consumers spent an approximate $18.9 Billion with an average consumer spending at least $142

$1.7 Billion was spent on Valentine’s day sweets

Men spend $190.53, nearly double the $96.58 that women plan to spend.

For women, it may be the thought that counts, as they buy 85% of the $180 Million Valentine’s day cards every year.

Men will buy 73% of all the flowers during Valentine’s day.

love is free but valentines is costly

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Valentine’s Day seems to be a very profitable day!

I think people spend a lot because they associate a lot of emotion to this day. Why?

Why? Because people buy using emotion and justify their purchases with logic.

So, this means, Men become emotional during Valentine’s because they tend to spend more. Haha!

What’s your Valentine’s story?


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