#TiburcioTipidTips : 10 Biggest Investment Scams in the Philippines [Video]

High Return, Low Risk

With the promise of high returns with low risk, scams and fraudulent investment schemes are one of the mortal enemies of financial literacy advocates and financial advisers like me.

Sadly, Pinoys are prone to these scams and schemes due to lack of financial literacy and lack of financial awareness. Sometimes, I even think that greed gets the better of them.

Personally, I use this information to fuel my passion and my desire to help and reach out to more Pinoys so I can raise their financial awareness. I believe that awareness and a positive action plan can really help people become more financially literate and eventually financially free.

Do you agree?

So, here are ten of the biggest investment scams in the Philippines. Watch and learn:

The 10 Biggest Investment Scams in the Philippines

  • Bancap Scam

    • Known losses: PhP 900 Million
    • Treasury Bill Scam
  • FrankSwiss & DeutchFranks

    • Known losses: PhP 1 Billion
    • High-yield Investment Products offered Online
  • Swiss Mutual Fund International Scam

    • Unknown losses
    • An online scheme offering high guaranteed returns
  • Royal Manchester Five Trading Corp

    • Known losses: PhP 2 Billion
    • Online Forex with guaranteed 4% monthly return
  • Tibayan Group Investment Corp

    • Known losses: PhP 2 Billion
    • Mutual Fund Scheme with guaranteed 3 – 5.5% monthly return

  • Mateo Management Group

    • Known losses: PhP 4.3 Billion
    • Promised high guaranteed returns
  • Performance Investment Products Corp

    • Known losses: PhP 11 Billion (as of May 2015)
    • Forex trading with guaranteed 10-15% return
  • Aman Futures Group

    • Known losses: PhP 12 Billion
    • Commodities trading investments offering 80% return in 20 days
  • Multinational Telecom Investors Corp

    • Known losses: PhP 25 Billion
    • Investment scheme offering 4% – 5% return a month
  • Legacy Group

    • Known losses: PhP 30 Billion
    • Investment and loan programs with guaranteed commissions of up to PhP 15,000

Common denominator

If you observe, most of these investment scams offer high and guaranteed returns.

Be vigilant of this red flag if you come across these kinds of offerings or investments.

Scams work because scammers know how to tap into the greed of fresh investors misled by their charismatic “leaders”.

Special mention

If you finished watching the video, two recent scam corporations flagged by the SEC are mentioned. These are Emgoldex and One Lightning Corp. Check the official SEC advisory warning investors and would-be investors of dealing with the said companies.

I’ve seen a lot of talk and debate with Emgoldex especially and some people are defending it with all their might.

Members are rationalizing with pictures of people holding a bunch of cash or posing with vehicles. This sad state of greed validates my mission to help more Pinoys become more financially aware.

Do you know anyone who these groups have scammed? 

To our success in all areas of life,

Argel Tiburcio
Author | Adviser | Advocate 

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