Here’s the Secret to Making Your Money Work Harder

When you take steps to make your money work harder, the possibilities for your best life are endless.

It can be daunting to discuss wealth and how to grow it.

The good news: you can take the first step towards protecting it by investing in an AIA Philam Life product.

Not only can your plan protect you from life’s uncertainties, it can also double as an option for when you need a little extra cash to cover other things that you may be saving up for, such as your retirement.

Even better news: you can stay protected and still grow your money through means most accessible to you. After all, it’s important to take charge of your health on all fronts, physically, emotionally, and financially, so that you are able to live the life you choose.

Read on to find out about options that you can consider adding to your investment portfolio, or the collection of tools that allow you to reach your financial goals.

Equities and Bonds

Look into investing in local or foreign stocks or bonds, especially of companies that are performing well despite the pandemic such as those in the service, tech, and utilities industries.

If you own a variable-unit linked plan, check if you have sufficient account value to add to your investments.

Then, look into adopting cost averaging as a strategy, where you spread out your investments as you place them into funds to potentially achieve a lower average cost base.

This allows you to purchase a greater number of units for the same investment amount.

Cash Equivalents

It pays to be ready for a rainy day.

Set aside a portion of your savings in financial instruments that allow you to withdraw your money as you wish such as savings or time deposit accounts and money market fund investments.

This way, you have ready cash to spare for an immediate purchase such as a personal emergency you did not see coming.

Do take note though that while they are low-risk and losses are rare, they also offer the lowest return.

Tangible Assets

Simply put: these are assets that you can see and touch such as real estate, bills and coins, precious metals, equipment, livestock, and inventory.

These assets are generally more capable of withstanding inflation. Rental prices on your condo investment, for instance, increase over time.

Consider this option if you are financially ready to invest in bigger ticket items.

Taking this route will also allow you to earn income passively.

Start a Business

If there was a low-cost business that requires you to stay at home and take advantage of cutting-edge technology, and free online training wouldn’t this be the best time to start?

Join my team of home-based, work anywhere, Insurance Entrepreneurs!

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I am here to help!

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